Self-levelling compounds

FM 100 Dust reduced tile filler

Low-dust working with the dust-reduced filler codex FM 100 - The self-levelling cement floor filler with Level-Plus Effect for every layer thickness range.

FM 10 Fine levelling compound

codex FM 10 is a self-levelling smoothing compound for interior use in layer thicknesses up to 10 mm.

FM 20 Fine levelling compound

The self-levelling fine levelling compound codex FM 20 is a fast-setting cement floor levelling compound for layer thicknesses from 0-20 mm in interior areas.

FM 30 Object Levelling Compound

codex FM 30 is a self-levelling cement floor levelling compound for a layer thickness of 3-30 mm. Thanks to fast drying, a reduced waiting time is achieved.

FM 50 Turbo Tiling Levelling Compound

The tile filler codex FM 50 Turbo is a self-levelling cement floor levelling compound for layer thicknesses of 3-50 mm. codex FM 50 Turbo hardens very quickly and is ready for covering early,…


The Levelpins are self-adhesive height markers for easy installation of levelling compounds and screeds.

NC 395 Exterior Surfacer

The codex NC 395 gradient filler is a flowable cement floor filler for layer thicknesses of 3-50 mm. It is ideally suited for producing gradient levelling compounds up to 4% in interior and…

Quartz sand 0.8 Quartz sand

The quartz sand 0.8 has a grain size of 0.3 - 0.8 mm and is therefore ideal for filling or sprinkling reaction resin bases and crack resins.

Quartz sand 2.5 Quartz sand

Kiln-dried quartz sand with grain 1.0 – 2.5 mm to extend levelling compound

RD 50 Self-adhesive PE expansion strips

The codex RD 50 expansion strip is a self-adhesive PE expansion strip with base, 5 mm thick and 50 mm high. With codex RD 50, the required sound insulation between wall and floor surfaces is…

RR 201 NEW Renovation fleece

The renovation fleece UZIN RR 201 is a glass reinforcement fleece for self-levelling levelling compounds. Reinforces and stabilises problematic substrates.

RR 203 Crack Bridge

The UZIN RR 203 is a crack bridge for cracks up to 5 mm wide. Fibreglass crack reinforcement roving for the restoration of cracks, area separation joints and transitions at different…

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