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With high-quality systems, the codex brand represents professional installation of tiles and natural stone. codex targets trained, qualified tilers and thus strengthens the traditional craftsmanship. This results in high quality standards, which are reflected in our innovative complete systems, ranging from tile and grout mortars to special products for subfloor preparation.

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FROM NOW: codex building boards and elements


Seven thicknesses, two different lengths and extensive additives allow creative design ideas and uncompromising implementation of these.

Subfloor preparation


Substrate preparation at codex means: After thorough cleaning of the surfaces, the substrates are primed, smoothed, levelled, repaired, decoupled and insulated for further processing as required.

Install tiles + natural stone


Tile laying at codex means: depending on the application and area of use, the ceramic tiles/natural stones are laid in cementitious, white/grey, fast/normal setting, with thin-bed or medium-bed mortar or with reactive adhesives.


Tile + Natural stone grouts


Tile grouting at codex means: with the right joint, depending on requirements, creating a high-quality, functional and closed surface on walls and floors, inside and outside, as well as in highly stressed areas or for a noble appearance.


Special products and accessories

Special products and accessories

Accessories from codex mean: Optimum equipment for the tiler with practical work material/accessories and modern, functional work clothing.




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Tiles ♥ Codex Products

From levelling compound to joints, codex offers real tilers a complete range of high-quality tiling products. Whether laying large format tiles in a new building, renovating a bathroom with mosaics or installing natural stone in a swimming pool: codex is always there for you with the best possible solution.

X-Fusion Joint revolution

Guaranteed easy
processing and
reduced stock keeping

Power CX 7 Lightweight multiadhesive

Strong in performance, light in weight. With the codex Power CX 7, you cover 90% of all tiling work.

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