codex BalkuDrain

The secure and dirt-free installation type to epoxy bonded drainage screed

BalkuDrain is a drainage installation system with sealing for balcony and terrace renovation.
Consisting of a total of 7 codex products, it is ideally suited for exterior installation and on pressure-resistant, dimensionally stable and even subfloors.


  • Secure drainage thanks to porous structure
  • No lime scale and efflorescence thanks to cement-free binder
  • Suitable for low built-up heights from 20 mm height
  • Also suitable for insulated constructions
  • Quickly ready for tile installation after 1 or 2 days as well as almost no shrinkage
  • 4-in-1 solution stress-relief, drainage, sealing and ventilation




  • Tension-compensating
  • Hardens fast 
  • Drainage function
  • Durable
  • Cement-free binding agent





CODEX Products

NC 395 Exterior Surfacer

The codex NC 395 gradient filler is a flowable cement floor filler for layer thicknesses of 3-50 mm. It is ideally suited for producing gradient levelling compounds up to 4% in interior and…

ER 100 2-Component Epoxy Screed and Mortar Resin

codex ER 100 is a two-component epoxy resin for priming and mixing epoxy resin mortars. Codex ER 100 is very easy to use, can be applied early and therefore is time-saving.

X-Tec Rapid Flex grout mortar

Best jointing technology combined with the finest appearance - codex X-Tec is a fast and hydraulically hardening flex jointing mortar with the best jointing and washing properties. The codex…

DS 3/5 Quartz sand

codex DS 3/5 is a quartz sand mixture with a particle size 3.15 to 5 mm. In combination with codex ER 100 primer, epoxy drainage mortars can be produced.

BST 150 Sealing tape

The self-adhesive sealing tape codex BST 150 is part of the composite waterproofing under ceramic coverings and for corner and transition areas, as well as for codex balcony systems.

Stone SX 80 cristal Rapid setting white flex mortar

codex Stone SX 80 cristal is a white, fast setting, flex-thin bed adhesive with crystalline water binding properties for natural stone coverings. Due to its rapid and crystalline water…

Funktionelle Bodenbeschichtungen mit vielfältigen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten

Verlegesysteme für Fliesen und Naturstein

Maschinen, Verbrauchsmaterial und Werkzeuge für Parkett- und Bodenprofis

Hochwertige Maler-, Putz- und Trockenbauwerkzeuge

Komplettsortiment für die Neuverlegung, Renovierung und Werterhaltung von Parkettfußböden

Verlegesysteme für Estrich, Boden und Parkett

Maschinen und Spezialwerkzeuge zur Untergrundvorbereitung und Verlegung von Bodenbelägen