Walk-in shower with temperature-controlled tiles

Underfloor heating is convincing. A perfect floor structure too.

Both are combined in the system integration for old buildings by AEG Haustechnik and Uzin Utz SE.

The unique system combination, consisting of an AEG surface heating system and the floor structure UZIN Turbolight®, is the result of a successful development cooperation between AEG Haustechnik and Uzin Utz SE.
The system combination is suitable for difficult constructional situations in the renovation of living spaces, bathrooms and offices in old buildings as well as a quick construction solution for scheduled construction sites. The ultra-flat thin-layer heating mats are laid directly on the new floor and do not need to be integrated into the screed.

More detailed information about the UZIN Turbolight®-System can be found here. 

Application - Step by Step

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