New sealing standard

The sealing standard DIN 18195 was completely overhauled. The following five new application-related standards have been adopted for this purpose and describe the technical specifications since 01.07.2017. For the tiler, the standards 18531-5,18534 and 18535 are decisive, whereby DIN 18534 is probably the most widely used one.  It is composed of 6 sub-sections. With the publication of the new waterproofing standards, the composite tile waterproofing materials with which the tiler has usually already worked (as of July 2017) have been designated as official DIN waterproofing systems.

New series of standards DIN 18531 - 18535:

• DIN 18531 Sealing for unused and used roofs

• DIN 18532 Sealing of trafficable concrete circulation areas

• DIN 18533 Sealing of components in contact with the ground

• DIN 18534 Sealing of interior spaces

• DIN 18535 Sealing for pools and containers


New load classes / water impact classes

according to DIN 18531; DIN 18534; DIN 18535

Water impact classes



Surfaces with not frequent exposure to splash water.

Moisture-sensitive substrates Untergründe permitted*


  • Wall surfaces in bathrooms outside shower areas, domestic kitchens
  • Floor areas in the domestic area without drain e.g. in kitchens, utility rooms, guest WCs



Surfaces with frequent exposure to splashing water or not frequent exposure from service water, without intensification by accumulating water.

Moisture-sensitive substrates permitted*


  • Wall surfaces over bathtubs and in showers in bathrooms
  • Floor areas in the domestic area with drain
  • Floor surfaces in bathrooms without/with drain without high water impact from the shower area



Surfaces with frequent exposure to splash water and / or service water; especially on the floor, occasionally intensified by accumulating water.

Only moisture-insensitive substrates permitted**


  • Wall surfaces of showers in sports facilities/ commercial sites
  • Floor areas with drains and/or gutters
  • Floor areas in rooms with showers at floor level


Very High

Surfaces with very frequent or long-lasting exposure to splash water and / or service water and / or water from intensive cleaning processes. Intensified by accumulating water, if necessary with additional chemical impact.

Only moisture-insensitive substrates permitted**


  • Areas around the perimeters of swimming pools
  • areas of showers and shower facilities in sports facilities/commercial sites
  • Areas in commercial sites (commercial kitchens, laundries, breweries, etc.)

* f.e.. gypsum-based dry mortars, gypsum plasters or gypsum lime plaster, gypsum wallboard and -fibreboards, calcium sulphate-bonded screeds

** Substrates on cementitious base, f. e. concrete, lime cement plaster CSII/III, cement plaster CSIV, cementitious screed, mineral-based construction panels, Porous concrete construction panels according to DIN 4166

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

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Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

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