codex X-Tensive

2-C epoxy-High performance joint



Highest durability with unique processing comfort

Thanks to the latest technologies and research results, codex X-Tensive, a highly resilient epoxy mortar, is another product revolution from codex. Improved washing properties combined with the highest mechanical and chemical resistance make the 2-component codex X-Tensive the innovative high-performance joint for extremely highly stressed areas.  

Your advantages

Highest resistance
X-Tensive is one of the most chemical-resistant, mechanically highly resilient and colour-stable grouts on the market

Creamy consistency
Refined formulation for easy grouting and full grout coverage

Simple and efficient washing
All you need is cold water and an epoxy sponge. On smooth, non-textured surfaces, a wash aid or Epo Pad is not required, reducing time and cost.

Dual function
Achieves best results when grouting and bonding

Universal application
On walls and floors as well as indoors and outdoors. Perfectly suitable for joint widths of 2 - 12 millimetres

Pleasant processing
Clearly odour-reduced grouting compound

Focused field of application
For highly stressed areas such as in the chemical industry, food industry, laboratories, battery rooms, large kitchens, slaughterhouses, thermal baths, sewage treatment plants and washing halls, etc.


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