codex BalkuSlim

The safest installation system with the lowest installation height.

BalkuSlim is a thin-layer installation system for balcony and terrace renovation.
With an installation height from 12 mm and a combination of 4 codex products in total, the system is ideally suited for outdoor installation on pressure-resistant, dimensionally stable and even subfloors.



  • Low built-up height of just 12 mm with adequate slope
  • Maximum reliability even under extreme climatic conditions
  • Complete uncoupling of the covering
  • No waiting time. Tiling can be started immediately after installing the sealing sheet
  • Foot traffic and grouting is allowed after just 12 hours




  • Tension compensating
  • Hardens fast
  • Durable
  • For frost-resisrant stoneware and glazed vitrified tiles
  • For tiles until 100 x 100 x 1 cm
  • More independent of weather conditions then cementitious systems






BST 150 Sealing tape

The self-adhesive sealing tape codex BST 150 is part of the composite waterproofing under ceramic coverings and for corner and transition areas, as well as for codex balcony systems.

Fliesopur 2-C Reaction Resin Adhesive

codex Fliesopur is a highly flexible 2-component polyurethane adhesive. It offers high application safety for the installation of ceramic, natural stone and glass tile coverings. Mixing the two components produces a paste-like adhesive with particularly high adhesive strength.

NC 395 Slope levelling compound

The codex NC 395 slope levelling compound is a flowable cement floor levelling compound for layer thicknesses of 3 - 50 mm. It is optimally suited for the production of slope levelling up to 4% in interior and exterior areas.

X-Fusion 3-C Design Epoxy Mortar

Effortless processing with the award-winning 3-component epoxy grout. codex X-Fusion is suitable for bonding and grouting optically attractive ceramic coverings. Due to the fine and closed joint surface, the joint is very hygienic and easy to clean.

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