Mounting accessories

X-Board anchor Mounting profiles

Mounting profiles for connecting 50 mm codex X-Board panels to each other or for attached to the substrate.

X-Board connector Metal connector

For securely fastening codex X-Board panels, codex X-Board corner elements and codex X-Board U-elements

X-Board dowel Insulation dowel

Galvanized hammer-in dowels for fastening codex X-Board panels

X-Board reinforcement tape Self-adhesive reinforcement tape

Fine-mesh, self-adhesive mesh fabric tape for reinforcing the filler layer at panel joints and transitions when installing codex X-Board panels, codex X-Board dowel elements and codex X-Board U-elements.  For reliable and long-term protection against cracks in the joint area.

X-Board washers Insulating washers

Stable metal supports that prevent the screws from being screwed too deeply into the foam core when installing codex X-Board panels.

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