Professional tips for demanding applications

codex stands not only for perfect product quality, but also for optimal support in application questions. 
In the following, we have presented and explained the most frequent and important applications as system structures.
Should you have any further questions about a specific case, our Technical Hotline will be happy to answer them.

Tiles on tiles

It is possible to lay tiles directly on top of an old tile covering, saving time and work. Here we tell you how it works.


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codex BalkuDrain

Many tilers avoid balconies and terraces. With the codex BalkuDrain system, you install safely and cleanly.
Take advantage of this and lay surfaces where others must pass.

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codex BalkuSlim

Maximum requirements but low available height? The codex BalkuSlim system is the safest installation system with the lowest installation height, even under extreme climatic conditions.


Efficient laying of large formats on balconies and terraces? No problem with the codex BalkuDrain installation system.


Turbolight System

Weight plays a particularly important role in old buildings. The Turbolight system uniquely combines low weight per unit area, high load-bearing capacity and high thermal insulation.

Walk-in shower

Floor warmth is convincing. So does a perfect floor structure. The new system network for old buildings from AEG Haustechnik and Uzin Utz SE combines both.


Quickly ready for covering Screed

How can a screed quickly be made ready for covering?

Chemical resistant grouting

How are ceramic coverings bonded and grouted to be waterproof and resistant to chemicals?

Zum System

Laying large format

How can large formats be ideally laid? Take up the challenge.

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