Commercial kitchen and staff restaurant at Boehringer Ingelheim.


Building type Public building (International)
Area 3.830 m²
Country Germany

The Böhringer Ingelheim company has its headquarters in the heart of Rheinhessen. In order to offer the steadily growing workforce the opportunity to spend their lunch break with healthy food and in a pleasant atmosphere, a new employee restaurant was recently opened on the company grounds of the headquarters. The restaurant covers an area of around 1,900 m² and can accommodate around 3,500 employees. The canteen kitchen alone comprised 1,930 m² of floor and wall areas that had to be laid.


Highly resilient canteen kitchen area

When laying the tiles in the two critical areas, challenges had to be mastered. The best care and greatest attention cannot prevent that substances such as water, acids, fats and oils spread in a commercial kitchen. If there are cracks or damages in the covering, these penetrate into the subfloor and the screed gradually begins to decompose. In the worst case, this could also affect the underlying supporting structure. Complete waterproofing is therefore essential, and that is why codex Hydrostop (waterproofing membrane), codex Power RX 6 Turbo and codex Epo 2000 were used in wet areas. The tiling and tile grouting afterwards was carried out with the flexible thin-bed mortar codex Power CX 3 and the special jointing mortar codex Resist. The particularly chemical-resistant epoxy resin joint codex Epo Tix was used in the chemically and mechanically highly stressed scullery.


Large room with uniform overall impression

In the restaurant area, the challenge was to create a smooth, monolithic-looking overall surface with 80 x 80 cm large format tiles. The substrate consisted of a cement screed with underfloor heating and already had existing movement and field boundary joints on site. Thus, the special task of the joint pattern was also to create a harmonious overall impression over the extremely large area despite the existing movement joints.  The appearance of the floor covering should be uniform at the end and without disturbing influences. In order to guarantee safety and a functional floor covering, it was decided to lay an uncoupling strip under the tiles to compensate tension between the substrate and the covering. A safe and durable installation of the large format tiles was last guaranteed by the Power RX 8, which is very easy to work with and adheres excellently to the substrate and the tiles.


All codex products used:

- codex FG 300
- codex FG 550
- codex Hydrostop
- codex Sicherheitsabdichtungen
- codex Epo 2000
- codex Power CX 3
- codex Power RX 6
- codex Power RX 8
- codex Brillant Flex
- codex Resist
- codex Epo Tix
- codex SG 10

Products used

FG 550 2-C Epoxy Primer

codex FG 550 is a 2-C Epoxy Primer for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. It is used as a system component for codex epoxy composite sealants and codex epoxy and PU adhesives.

Power RX 8 Flexible adhesive mortar for large format tiles

The rapid setting, highly flexible thin-bed mortar codex Power RX8 is particularly suitable for the installation of large format tiles thanks to its crystalline water-binding properties.

X-Tensive 2-C epoxy mortar

codex X-Tensive is suitable for bonding and jointing ceramic and natural stone coverings in areas subject to high chemical or mechanical stress. The joint is easy to clean due to the closed joint surface.

Power CX 3 Flex thin-bed mortar

The flexible thin-bed mortar codex Power CX 3 is universally usable and suitable for all ceramic wall and floor coverings.
Thanks to its plastic coating, it meets the C2 TE S1 requirement of EN 12 004 and is suitable for mortar bed thicknesses up to 10 mm.
The codex Power CX 3 is also available in a white version for use with translucent ceramics.

SG 10 Sanitary silicone

Sanitary silicone codex SG 10 is a ready-to-use, acetate-crosslinking silicone sealant, which cures elastically by reaction with atmospheric moisture. After curing is complete, the versatile codex joint sealant is completely odourless, physiologically harmless and indifferent.

FG 300 Primer

codex FG 300 is a dispersion primer for absorbent, mineral substrates. The FG 300 is versatile, water-dilutable and easy to use and offers highest safety due to its good penetration capacity.

Hydrostop Sealing and stress-relieving roll

codex Hydrostop is a water-impermeable, crack-bridging sealing and decoupling membrane under tile and natural stone coverings. Suitable for reliable sealing of substrates exposed to moisture.

Epo 2000 Reactive sealing

The codex Epo 2000 reactive sealant is a flexible, two-component epoxy resin composite sealant under ceramic coverings. codex Epo 2000 is a flexible, composite sealant for surfaces exposed to particularly high levels of moisture and wetness, even those exposed to high chemical loads.

Brillant Flex Basic Flexible Grout Mortar

The codex Brilliant Flex Basic jointing mortar is water-repellent, flexible and suitable for joint widths of 3 - 15 mm. Due to its rapid hardening, the surfaces can be used soon after application.

Resist High-strength cement grout mortar

The high-strength codex resist cement grout is a mechanically resistant, very fast setting grout for joint widths from 2 to 20 mm. It is highly resistant to abrasion and high-pressure cleaners and sets quickly and reliably even at low temperatures.

Power RX 6 Turbo Fast flex-, thin- and flow-bed mortar

The rapid setting, highly flexible thin- and flow-bed mortar codex Power RX 6 Turbo is suitable for the installation of wall and floor coverings.

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