X-Board Hard foam board

codex X-Board is a versatile, fabric-reinforced hard foam board for renovation and refurbishment projects. It is used to create stud walls, installation panels, bath panels, washstands and shelves, as well flat surfaces, e.g. on partially tiled walls. It is also used on load-bearing substrates to support tile and natural stone using the thin-bed method, on textured plasters, smoothing filler and other materials for further surface designs.


  • For renovation and new buildings
  • In kitchens, bathrooms and toilets
  • On all standard substrates
  • As surface for tiles and slabs
  • For washstands, shelves, etc.
  • For cladding metal and wooden stud walls


  • High stability and rigidity
  • Heat-insulating
  • Easy assembly and application
  • Can be covered without primer
  • Light weight

The codex X-Board panel is easy to process with high stability, can be directly covered with tiles and is versatile for many interior design applications.


Technical data




1.30 m (S) and 2.60 m (L)


60 cm


4 mm (S), 6 mm (S),
10 mm (S, L),
20 mm (L), 30 mm (L),
40 mm (L), 50 mm (L)


approx. 30 kg/m³

Burning behaviour

E according to EN 13501

Ordering information

Article Shipping unit
codex X-Board L 10 / 50 pcs 171921
Pallet :
50 pieces
codex X-Board L 10/20 mixed pallet / 72 pcs 173912
Pallet :
36 x 10 mm, 36 x 20 mm
codex X-Board L 10/20/30 mixed pallet / 54 pcs 173913
Pallet :
18 x 10 mm, 18 x 20 mm, 18 x 30 mm
codex X-Board L 20 / 50 pcs 171922
Pallet :
50 pieces
codex X-Board L 30 / 36 pcs 171923
Pallet :
36 pieces
codex X-Board L 40 / 36 pcs 171924
Pallet :
36 pieces
codex X-Board L 40 half pallet / 18 pcs 173914
Pallet :
18 pieces
codex X-Board L 50 / 26 pcs 171925
Pallet :
26 pieces
codex X-Board L 50 half pallet / 14 pcs 173915
Pallet :
14 pieces
codex X-Board S 10 / 100 pcs 171920
Pallet :
100 pieces
codex X-Board S 4 / 140 pcs 171849
Pallet :
140 pieces
codex X-Board S 4/6 mixed pallet / 160 pcs 173911
Pallet :
80 x 4 mm, 80 x 6 mm
codex X-Board S 6 / 140 pcs 171919
Pallet :
140 pieces

Quality seals and badges

Products and accessories

X-Board anchor Mounting profiles

Mounting profiles for connecting 50 mm codex X-Board panels to each other or for attached to the substrate.

X-Board connector Metal connector

For securely fastening codex X-Board panels, codex X-Board corner elements and codex X-Board U-elements

X-Board corner element Hard foam corner element

Prefabricated 20 mm-thick L-shaped corner element for easy cladding of pipes and other installations.

X-Board dowel Insulation dowel

Galvanized hammer-in dowels for fastening codex X-Board panels

X-Board reinforcement tape Self-adhesive reinforcement tape

Fine-mesh, self-adhesive mesh fabric tape for reinforcing the filler layer at panel joints and transitions when installing codex X-Board panels, codex X-Board dowel elements and codex X-Board U-elements.  For reliable and long-term protection against cracks in the joint area.

X-Board U-element Hard foam U-element

Prefabricated 20 mm-thick U-shaped element for easy cladding of pipes and other installations.

X-Board washers Insulating washers

Stable metal supports that prevent the screws from being screwed too deeply into the foam core when installing codex X-Board panels.

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools