High-quality tiling through a project-based and integrated approach.


Building type Hotel and catering (International)
Area 6.000 m²
Country Netherlands

High-quality tiling through a project-based and integrated approach.

A second Van der Valk Hotel was opened in Apeldoorn in 2018. The new building, with 151 rooms, has an area of approximately 20,000 m². The hotel was fitted out with high-quality tiles by Rikkert Tegelwerke (part of the Rikkert Afbouwgroep). For application and finishing, the tile company Enter chose primers, powder tile adhesives and epoxy joints from codex. "The degree of refinement at Van der Valk Exclusief is getting higher and higher. This requires not only high-quality materials, but also the use of a sufficient number of specialists. Rikkert Afbouwgroep and codex have given Van der Valk in Apeldoorn an excellent substance," says Edgar Bolwerk (Project Manager Van der Valk Hotel).

A total of approximately 6,000 m² of tiles were laid in the hotel in Apeldoorn.

From different tile formats in the wellness area, large-format tiles in the swimming pool and floor tile strips in the lobby, to different tiling work in the bathrooms of the hotel rooms, to different formats of herringbone tiles in the kitchen and mosaic tiles in the restaurant and live cooking area.Bolwerk: "The variety of tiles and tile positions, as well as the implementation with different types and colours of joints required a different quality than "normal grouting". In order to achieve this, codex was already involved in the project during the tender phase".



"During the preparation phase, we regularly visited the construction site and took stock of the situation", Jeroen Schaepers, application engineer at codex. "In addition, together with Rikkert Tilewerken, we inspected all substrates and checked which measures were necessary to ensure optimal processing and quality of our products".

In the saunas, in which one has to deal with high differences in humidity and temperature, as well as in the swimming pool, all tiles were applied with the codex X-Fusion epoxy adhesive. For sealing, the codex AX 220 2-component seal was used, which has an additional decoupling function. This ensures that tensions between the structure and the tile covering are perfectly absorbed". In addition, our codex Epo 2000 was used in combination with sealing tape to ensure watertight seals at transitions. Rutger Kerkhof, Director of the Rikkert Afbouwgroep: "In the swimming pool, but also in the other "critical" areas, we have again reviewed our actions. In this way we can guarantee Van der Valk an aesthetic and high-quality installation that will continue to work reliably for years to come".


"We regularly carry out projects with Rikkert tiles", says Martin Gerritzen, Technical Commercial Advisor at codex. "We are also increasingly in the picture at Van der Valk. Among other things with our epoxy compounds, which both Van der Valk and Rikkert find very pleasant. Not least because of the easy workability and colour fastness of the compounds, the high product quality and the favourable price-performance ratio". Rutger Kerkhof, Director of the Rikkert Afbouwgroep: "In addition, codex is characterised by good project management. In this project too, the paths between our project manager and the codex consultants were short. All questions were answered immediately, which led to a very smooth implementation, a beautiful end result and a satisfied customer".

Products used

AX 220 2-C flex sealing compound

The fibre-reinforced, two-component Flex Sealing Compound codex AX 220 is a fast, two-component composite seal for sealing surfaces that are particularly exposed to moisture and wetness.

X-Fusion 3-C Design Epoxy Mortar

Effortless processing with the award-winning 3-component epoxy grout. codex X-Fusion is suitable for bonding and grouting optically attractive ceramic coverings. Due to the fine and closed joint surface, the joint is very hygienic and easy to clean.

Epo 2000 Reactive sealing

The codex Epo 2000 reactive sealant is a flexible, two-component epoxy resin composite sealant under ceramic coverings. codex Epo 2000 is a flexible, composite sealant for surfaces exposed to particularly high levels of moisture and wetness, even those exposed to high chemical loads.

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