In Zermatt, at the foot of the Matterhorn, a hotel in the middle of the car-free Bahnhofstrasse shines in new splendor.


Building type Hotel and catering (International)
Area 3.000 m²
Country Switzerland

The Hotel Schweizerhof - located in the middle of the vacation village of Zermatt, surrounded by a wonderful mountain landscape - was completely renovated over nine months at a cost of 18 million Swiss francs. In addition to an inviting and beautifully designed lobby and dining area with show kitchen, the hotel offers a spacious spa area with relaxation room including an aquarium for the ultimate in relaxation. The 95 rooms and suites have been renovated and equipped with new bathrooms in marble design.


A logistical masterpiece

In addition to the 95 bathrooms in the hotel rooms, the fumoir, the ski room as well as the toilets and showers in the spa landscape were tiled. Professional products from codex were used for the laying. A special feature was the transport of the material to Zermatt. The entire logistical process was complicated not only due to the car-free location of the mountain village at 1,600 m. above sea level, but also by the use of large format tiles, which were used in the bathrooms. With an area of 3 m² per tile, the transport turned out to be a real logistical challenge.


Wide codex range in use

For the bonding of the large format tiles, the craftsmen relied on the proven specialist for large formats: the flexible adhesive mortar codex Power RX 8. The quick-setting, highly flexible thin-bed and flow-bed mortar manages the balancing act between long working time and, at the same time, early walkability and is therefore ideally suited for the bonding of large formats. After bonding, the tiles were grouted with the unique epoxy joint codex X-Fusion as well as codex Brilliant Cristal and codex SG 10. For reliable protection, the tilers were able to use the flexible and fast composite sealant codex AX 220 to seal the wet area.


Great trust in codex

The tiling work was carried out by the company GZ Plättli-Unterlagsboden AG from Brig, which can look back on a longstanding partnership with codex. This was also the reason for choosing codex as a partner for this major project. For the Managing Director of GZ Plättli-Unterlagsboden AG, François Hurni, the great confidence in the installation systems and the quick action of codex is very important. His tilers are optimally trained for codex products, he explains further, which is why the choice for cooperation in this renovation was made so quickly.


A real team effort

The time pressure on the project proved to be a challenge for the tilers. The team from GZ Plättli-Unterlagsboden AG had five months to lay 3,000 m² of tiles. A team of eight craftsmen worked on the area. Thanks to the good cooperation with the company Berclaz Hermann from Salgesch, the realisation of this major project was possible in the short time available. The faultless construction management by project manager Andy Imboden, mls architekten sia ag, also contributed to the fact that the project was completed in time for the start of the winter season.

Products used

Power RX 8 Flexible adhesive mortar for large format tiles

The rapid setting, highly flexible thin-bed mortar codex Power RX8 is particularly suitable for the installation of large format tiles thanks to its crystalline water-binding properties.

Brillant Cristal Rapid colour grout mortar

codex Brillant Cristal is a rapid setting, flexible colour grout mortar with crystalline water binding properties for tile and natural stone coverings with joint widths from 1 to 10 mm. Rapid setting prevents discolouration of the edges.

SG 10 Sanitary silicone

Sanitary silicone codex SG 10 is a ready-to-use, acetate-crosslinking silicone sealant, which cures elastically by reaction with atmospheric moisture. After curing is complete, the versatile codex joint sealant is completely odourless, physiologically harmless and indifferent.

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