"Not at home and yet at home" (www.reischlhof.de)


Building type Hotel and catering (International)
Area 200 m²
Country Germany

The reconstruction of the entire wellness and spa area, the new construction of an outdoor pool and the exterior façade made of natural stone, as well as the tiling of 32 bathrooms.

All of this was implemented in the Hotel Reischlhof, Wegscheid with the products of codex GmbH & Co.
The company "Grübl & Salzinger Fliesenhandwerk" laid over 200 m² of porcelain stoneware in the large formats 90 x 40 cm and 150 x 75 cm.


Products used

Power RX 8 Flexible adhesive mortar for large format tiles

The rapid setting, highly flexible thin-bed mortar codex Power RX8 is particularly suitable for the installation of large format tiles thanks to its crystalline water-binding properties.

Sealing sleeve floor Sealing sleeve

The codex Floor Sealing Sleeve is for sealing floor drains in combination with codex composite seals.

Sealing sleeve wall Sealing sleeves

The codex Sealing Sleeves Wall are for sealing pipe ducts and interstices in combination with codex composite seals.

Epo 2000 Reactive sealing

The codex Epo 2000 reactive sealant is a flexible, two-component epoxy resin composite sealant under ceramic coverings. codex Epo 2000 is a flexible, composite sealant for surfaces exposed to particularly high levels of moisture and wetness, even those exposed to high chemical loads.

Power RX 6 Turbo Fast flex-, thin- and flow-bed mortar

The rapid setting, highly flexible thin- and flow-bed mortar codex Power RX 6 Turbo is suitable for the installation of wall and floor coverings.

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools