Impressive location directly above the Bodensee.


Building type Hotel and catering (International)
Area 700 m²
Country Austria

The Hotel "Fritsch am Berg" is situated in an imposing location above Lake Constance and has been completely renovated. The conversion to a MentalSpaHotel had to be done quickly due to the next season, which is why only 8 months were estimated for the renovation. A fast wooden modular construction, professional craftsmen and reliable products contributed to the punctual reopening of the attractive 4-star hotel. System solutions from codex were used for tiling in the wellness area as well as in the swimming pool, on the stairs, in the lobby, bar and canteen kitchen.


Procedure in the wellness area

Perfect waterproofing and care were therefore the top priority when laying the natural-colored 40 x 60 centimeter porcelain stoneware tiles and the 25 x 25 centimeter sea blue tiles in the swimming pool. For a perfect appearance and function of the tile coverings, the appropriate tested laying systems from Codex were used depending on the requirements and area: epoxy-based laying materials for moisture, acid and chlorine-resistant floors and walls in the swimming pool and canteen kitchen as well as fast and safe systems on a cement basis for the other hotel areas. The spa area including showers was sealed in two layers with a flexible 2-component composite seal. In addition, joint sealing tapes and molded parts were installed in the sensitive corner areas. "This is the optimal solution for wet areas. Composite waterproofing systems have proven themselves in practice, they withstand the highest loads according to the moisture stress classes", explains master tiler Paul Breyer.


Structures for swimming pool and large-scale kitchen

In the swimming pool itself, even higher demands are placed on the waterproofing due to the pressing water load. The epoxy primer used serves as an bonding agent and reliably seals off as a system component together with the subsequent epoxy composite waterproofing. Both products used are also solvent-free and very low in emissions. They thus protect the environment and the health of publishers and visitors alike. The tiles were bonded and grouted with a dense, acid-resistant epoxy resin mortar, which was also used in the same system in commercial kitchens. Due to the tight time window, the installer chose a ready-to-use dispersion primer and a stable thin-bed mortar for the remaining floors in the hotel, which glued the tiles together safely and quickly.

Since noise protection plays an important role in hotels, special impact sound insulation panels under the tiles in all stair areas provide additional impact sound protection and at the same time ensure greater walking comfort. The multimoll sheets reduce the impact sound by around 14 decibels, and in the hotel corridors a Kugelgarn covering protects the guests' ears from the noise of the suitcase rollers. In the stairwells, a quick-setting adhesive was used, which sets particularly quickly and reliably.

Products used

FG 550 2-C Epoxy Primer

codex FG 550 is a 2-C Epoxy Primer for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. It is used as a system component for codex epoxy composite sealants and codex epoxy and PU adhesives.

Stone SX 80 cristal Rapid setting white flex mortar

codex Stone SX 80 cristal is a white, fast setting, flex-thin bed adhesive with crystalline water binding properties for natural stone coverings. Due to its rapid and crystalline water binding properties, codex Stone SX 80 Cristal is quickly walkable and increases safety when laying natural stone with high water absorption.

Power CX 3 Flex thin-bed mortar

The flexible thin-bed mortar codex Power CX 3 is universally usable and suitable for all ceramic wall and floor coverings.
Thanks to its plastic coating, it meets the C2 TE S1 requirement of EN 12 004 and is suitable for mortar bed thicknesses up to 10 mm.
The codex Power CX 3 is also available in a white version for use with translucent ceramics.

FG 300 Primer

codex FG 300 is a dispersion primer for absorbent, mineral substrates. The FG 300 is versatile, water-dilutable and easy to use and offers highest safety due to its good penetration capacity.

Hydrostop Sealing and stress-relieving roll

codex Hydrostop is a water-impermeable, crack-bridging sealing and decoupling membrane under tile and natural stone coverings. Suitable for reliable sealing of substrates exposed to moisture.

Epo 2000 Reactive sealing

The codex Epo 2000 reactive sealant is a flexible, two-component epoxy resin composite sealant under ceramic coverings. codex Epo 2000 is a flexible, composite sealant for surfaces exposed to particularly high levels of moisture and wetness, even those exposed to high chemical loads.

Brillant Color Xtra Colour grout mortar

The cement colour joint mortar codex Brillant Color Xtra is a water-repellent, flexible joint mortar for joint widths from 1 to 10 mm and tiles with more absorbent behaviour. The joint has a particularly beautiful, smooth and finely closed surface. In addition, codex Brilliant Color Xtra is available in a very wide range of colours.

Power RX 6 Turbo Fast flex-, thin- and flow-bed mortar

The rapid setting, highly flexible thin- and flow-bed mortar codex Power RX 6 Turbo is suitable for the installation of wall and floor coverings.

NC 366 Maxx Smoothing Mortar

codex NC 366 Maxx is a low-slump levelling mortar with lightweight fillers for layer thicknesses of 3-50 mm. The lightweight render is very stable and therefore ideal for use on the walls.

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools