Partial renovation of swimmer pools, showers and changing rooms.


Building type Swimming pools
Area 2.000 m²
Country Germany

Fun, fitness and relaxation are on the program in this family bath: I
n addition to the new construction of a whirlpool, a jet stream canal and a bubbling bay, the partial renovation also included the athletes: the swimmers' pool with six 25-meter lanes had to be redesigned by the tilers. And to make sure that everything stays presentable for a long time, the installer attached importance to a well thought-out system structure using products of codex.

Preparatory work in the pool area
First, the cement screed was primed with a dispersion-based protective primer to close the pores of the substrate, bind the dust, reduce the absorbency of the substrate and improve the adhesion of the subsequent thin-bed mortar.

Surface preparation in pools, showers and changing rooms
Before the laying work was started, some concrete areas in the swimming pool as well as in the changing rooms and showers had to be properly repaired: To do this, the installation team used codex NC 210 Flex Sealing Compound, a flexible waterproof and crack-bridging composite under ceramic wall and floor coverings indoors and outdoors.
It was applied in two sealing layers. If it is used as a sealing slurry, only a reduced quantity of water of a maximum of five percent is added to the product. A generous amount of sealing compound is scraped onto the substrate, then applied wet-on-wet and worked into a uniform ridge pattern using a notched trowel. Immediately afterwards, the ridge was fold over with a small amount of additional material and drawn out into a continuous layer.. After drying of the first layer, the process was repeated identically.

codex NC 210 combines many advantages: it is smooth and easy to apply, flexible, frost and ageing resistant. In addition, the composite seal is highly plasticised and thus enables the reliable production of crack-bridging seals in combination with ceramic coverings.

Laying the ceramic in a thin bed
Today's requirements for hygiene, gradients and impermeability of the coverings require constructive measures in the thinnest layers, which must nevertheless have all the prescribed necessities and this in direct connection with each other. The thin-bed method together with sealing in combination with ceramic coverings and claddings is particularly suitable for this purpose. Installation in thin-bed is particularly recommended for swimming pools. Even if the installer has done a good job, there is still the possibility of small blowholes. Anything that can penetrate through joints in such a covering and remain behind can become a focus of bacteria and thus influence the water quality.
Coordinated Codex products from the Power series provide particularly easy to apply and functional new coverings in extremely thin and plannable layers.

The fast setting, flexible thin-bed mortar Power Flex from Codex was used for all tiles. Power Flex is a stable, hydraulically setting, highly polymer-modified thin-bed mortar. After mixing with water, it produces a fine-grained, smooth and stable laying mortar with excellent working properties. Its easy handling enables high hourly outputs.

Grouting of ceramic
Permanent resistance to various chemicals, chlorinated water and cleaning agents can only be achieved by grouting with an epoxy resin joint. Reaction grouting compounds are known, among other things, for their excellent adhesion to glazed and unglazed ceramic surfaces when cured. Here, the colored Epo Tix reactive resin joint from codex was used.

Products used

FG 300 Primer

codex FG 300 is a dispersion primer for absorbent, mineral substrates. The FG 300 is versatile, water-dilutable and easy to use and offers highest safety due to its good penetration capacity.

NC 366 Maxx Smoothing Mortar

codex NC 366 Maxx is a low-slump levelling mortar with lightweight fillers for layer thicknesses of 3-50 mm. The lightweight render is very stable and therefore ideal for use on the walls.

NC 395 Slope levelling compound

The codex NC 395 slope levelling compound is a flowable cement floor levelling compound for layer thicknesses of 3 - 50 mm. It is optimally suited for the production of slope levelling up to 4% in interior and exterior areas.

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