Multimoll Top 4 Stress-relief mat

The tension-isolating decoupling mat Multimoll Top 4 is a multi-layer panel that reduces shear and tensile stresses and thus protects the topsoil. By using Multimoll Top 4, walking and living comfort is increased and sound insulation improved despite the low construction height. Better thermal insulation is achieved at the same time.


Multimoll Top 4 is a tension-relieving underlay for ceramic and natural stone coverings indoors and is suitable for

  • Critical and cracked surfaces
  • Mixed Substrates
  • Height compensation layers
  • Renovation and redevelopment work
  • New and old building
  • Residential and commercial areas
  • Interior, also on underfloor heating


  • Stress relief
  • Effectively decouples new coverings such as tiles and natural stones
  • Contributes to sound insulation
  • 4 mm thick; total installation height 6 - 7 mm
  • Low installation height - ideal for renovation
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Moisture resistant
  • Heat-insulating

The UZN Multimoll Top 4 is a particularly thin decking and insulation board and therefore ideally suited for low installation heights.

Technical data

Pack size

carton with 9 m²
pallet with 150 m²

Shelf life

24 months


tinged with white


100 cm


60 cm


4 mm

Burning behaviour

B2 according to DIN 4102

Traffic load capacity

5 kN/m²

Coefficient of improvement of sound absorption

approx. 10 dB with tiles, according to EN 140-8

Area weight

2.8 kg/m²

Ordering information

Article Packsize Shipping unit
UZIN Multimoll Top 4 / 150 m² pallet 79721 150 m²
Pallet :
250 panels = 150 m²
UZIN Multimoll Top 4 / 9 m² carton 79720 9 m²
Pallet :
10 carton = 90 m²
Pack :
15 panels = 9 m²

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