With full speed to the first authorized Ferrari workshop in Germany.


Building type Warehouses and car dealerships
Area 250 m²
Country Germany

At the end of November, Germany's first authorized Ferrari and Maserati garage, which meets all the luxury sports car manufacturer's CI requirements, entered the home stretch in Irschenberg near Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria. Authorized workshops are allowed to handle warranty services and repairs, among other things, but must also meet very specific design guidelines in terms of furnishings. Ferrari, for example, in addition to cabinets in a very specific blue or grey lifting platform, requires that the ceramic floors in all workshops have to be uniform in terms of brand, size and color.  The workshop serves customers from Chiemgau to Munich, but also in Monaco or Naples, among others for the "Ferrari Challenge".


New tiles on top of old ones - the fast and dirt-free renewal

A special feature was that the existing tile coverings were tiled over, as the floors provided a very stable base. The basic idea was to leave the existing surfaces as far as possible and to work over them with special adhesives, decoupling and special mortars. Here it depends on the special adhesive bond to the glazed and dirty tile coverings and thin, stress-relieving structures.
However, specially tailored installation recommendations from codex and Uzin, as well as constant supervision of the project, gave the installers the security of being able to react quickly and well.
The great challenge for the installers was to create a force-fit connection with the floor, which must be solid and free of release agents and contamination.

Preliminary work

To fill cracks, the installation team used the two-component KR 416 casting resin from Uzin - a low-viscosity, multi-purpose acrylic resin for the force-fit resin bonding of joints and cracks. While still fresh, the resin-filled areas must be strewn with UZIN Fine Sand 0.8 quartz sand. Leave an excess dry layer, so as to ensure good mechanical anchoring of the subsequent cement-based levelling layers.
Before tile on tile could be laid, the old ceramic flooring had to be thoroughly cleaned. The laying team decided on the intensive cleaner Uzin RG 194, a solvent-free, water-dilutable cleaning concentrate for old flooring and soiled substrates. The surfaces cleaned in this way were thoroughly rinsed with clear water after 20 minutes.

Laying the ceramics

The stoneware substrates were primed with the Carbon Primer PE 370 from codex. With PE 370, carbon additives are added to a fibre-reinforced primer in combination with other fillers. This results in a very fast drying of the primer - without a sticky surface - and therefore fast working.After a drying time of approx. 25 minutes, the installers bonded the porcelain stoneware tiles of the Italian manufacturer Graniti Fiandre (prescribed by Ferrari) with Power Flexx Turbo, which is specially recommended by codex for ceramic floor coverings due to its flowability.


Finally, various movement joints were arranged in the floor construction: Over existing building separation joints in the same place and the same width, as field boundaries with a width of about 8 - 10 mm and as edge joints on all adjacent building components and fixed installations, so that a movement of at least 5 mm was made possible.With the movement joints, the installers separated the floor construction in the entire cross-section. They closed the joints with the two-component epoxy resin grout Epo Tix from codex. It meets the highest requirements for resistance to chemicals, aggressive water, oils and greases. The movement, field boundary and connection joints were executed with the permanently elastic, ready-to-use and quick-setting silicone joint sealant codex D 80.

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