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2-component epoxy mortar


codex X-Tensive is suitable for bonding and jointing ceramic and natural stone coverings in areas subject to high chemical or mechanical stress. The joint is easy to clean due to the closed joint surface.

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  • for domestic ceramics, glazed vitrified tile, clinker, stoneware, glass mosaic
  • for concrete and natural stone floor coverings insensitive to discolouration
  • for large formats
  • for interior and exterior use
  • for wall and floor surfaces
  • for heated coverings
  • for swimming pools, brine and thermal baths
  • for chemical laboratories
  • for food industry, e.g. breweries
  • for wash rooms, workshops
  • for traffic structures
  • for sales and showrooms
  • for balconies and terraces
  • for residential, commercial and industrial areas


  • for joint widths from 2 mm to 20 mm
  • easy to process, easy to wash
  • stabile
  • can be slurried and sprayed
  • high flank adhesion
  • easy to emulsify and wash
  • chemical resistant and waterproof
  • mechanical resistant

The award-winning, 2-component epoxy joint codex X-Tensive combines easy application with maximum resistance for tile coverings subject to high chemical and mechanical loads.

Pack type


Pack size

5 kg

Shelf life

18 months


platinum grey, concrete, anthracite

Minimum working temperature

+ 10 to + 25 °C

Ideal working temperatures

+ 15 to + 25 °C

Mixing ratio

A : B = 4 : 1

Working Time/ Pot Life

approx. 50 minutes*

Set to foot traffic

after approx. 12 hours*


after approx. 24 hours*

Chemical load application

after approx. 5 days*


0.4 - 1.6 kg/m² (grouting)

Joint width

2 to 20 mm


*At 23 °C and 50% relative humidity.

Article Item no. Packsize Shipping unit
X-Tensive 10424 5 kg
72 buckets
X-Tensive 10423 5 kg
72 buckets
X-Tensive 10425 5 kg
72 buckets


Boehringer Ingelheim

Highly resilient canteen kitchen area

Protestant Hospital, Mettmann

Bilfinger administration building Oberhausen

Products and accessories

Epo pad holder

The stable codex Epo pad holder with self-adhesive pad is the matching pad holder for the codex Epo pads.

Epo pad white, fine

The codex Epo pad fine is a white, specially structured cleaning pad for emulsifying the fresh epoxy compound during the washing process.

Epo sponge

The codex Epo sponge is an epoxy resin resistant sponge with special pores for washing the ceramic covering during epoxy grouting.

Joint trowel

The codex Jointing trowel is a stable plastic jointing trowel with a fine rubber coating for all epoxy resin joints.

Professional spray gun

The codex Professional Spray Gun is a stable spray gun for easier application of viscous joint mortars by spraying.

Sponge board

The codex Sponge board has an extra thin hydro sponge layer for effective washing off of grout.