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Reactive sealing

Epo 2000

The codex Epo 2000 reactive sealant is a flexible, two-component epoxy resin composite sealant under ceramic coverings. codex Epo 2000 is a flexible, composite sealant for surfaces exposed to particularly high levels of moisture and wetness, even those exposed to high chemical loads.

Data sheet

Consumption calculator


  • for commercial kitchens and thermal baths
  • for commercial and industrial use
  • for load class A0, B0 as well as A, B and C according to the ZDB bulletin
  • for water impact classes W0-I, W1-I, W2-I, W3-I according to DIN 18534
  • for water impact classes W1-B and W2-B according to DIN 18535
  • for sealing balconies, loggias and walkways according to DIN 18531-5
  • meets the requirements CM 01P according to EN 14891
  • for balconies and patios with a slope > 1.5%
  • for showers, baths and toilets
  • for swimming pools and their surrounding area
  • for saunas and therapy basins
  • for retirement homes and hotels
  • for interior and exterior use
  • on calcium sulphate and cementitious screeds, concrete
  • on gypsum, lime cement and cement plaster
  • on gypsum carton and gypsum board plates, tile carrier elements
  • on underfloor heating, on walls and floors


  • chemical resistant
  • water, waste water, salt water resistant
  • resistant to aqueous acids and alkalis, salt solutions, lime, chlorine and thermal water
  • very high pressure water tightness, suitable for water depths up to 10 m
  • resistant to frost and ageing
  • smooth and easy to process - low consumption, therefore very economical
  • flexible and crack-bridging
  • water vapour diffusion
  • waterproof
  • with general test certificate by building authorities
  • highest quality level 4 according to DGNB criterion ENV 1.2 Risks for the local environment
  • EMICODE EC1 PLUS / very low-emission
  • for healthy construction

The 2-component reactive waterproofing codex Epo 2000 is a composite sealer for chemically stressed surfaces.

Pack type

tin container

Pack size

6 kg

Shelf life

24 months


light grey

Minimum working temperature

+ 10 °C

Ideal working temperatures

+ 10 to + 25 °C

Mixing ratio

A : B = 1 : 3.7

Working Time/ Pot Life

approx. 40 minutes*

Minimum dry coat thickness

1 mm

Drying time 1st coat

approx. 12 hours*

Drying time 2nd coat

approx. 12 hours*

Set to foot traffic

after approx. 1 day*

Burning behaviour


Chemical load application

after approx. 7 days*


approx. 1.8 kg/m²


*At 23 °C and 50% rel. humidity.

Article Item no. Packsize Shipping unit
codex Epo 2000 / 6 kg 55693 6 kg
60 buckets


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