codex SX 50 MB

No surface too large

Laying natural stone quickly and economically

codex Stone SX 50 MB is used for highly effective and economical natural stone installation in commercial construction and almost all other areas. The grey medium-bed mortar has enormous stability and is therefore particularly suitable for laying large and heavy natural stone coverings.

Crystalline setting

Stone SX 50 MB hardens quickly and can be walked on after only 2.5 hours, even with thicker layers, and has extremely low shrinkage. It meets all the requirements for laying natural stone in large-scale projects. This makes it the optimal problem-solver on scheduled construction sites.

Your advantages

Suitable for mortar bed thicknesses from 5 to 20 mm
Perfectly suited for laying thick layers thanks to its high stability

Crystalline water retention
Reduces moisture penetration of natural stone slabs that are not sensitive to discolouration for safe installation

Economical laying for large areas
Ideal for large residential, commercial and industrial areas

Fast construction process
Can be walked on and grouted within 2.5 hours

Wide range of applications
From standard installation to heavy-duty coverings

Effortless processing
Due to a smooth consistency

Healthy living product quality
Meets DGNB, LEED and EMICODE EC 1 Plus requirements



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