A big puzzle: the new location of the Reinier de Graaf hospital in Delft


Building type Care facility (International)
Area 2.000 m²
Country Netherlands
Floorer TGLS!

The flooring work in the new hospital "Reinier de Graaf" in Delft was supervised and implemented by TGLS! The task was to lay a completely new tiled floor. The result was a single and space-consuming puzzle, because the new floor consists of tiles in 32 different colours, shapes and sizes. For the laying and gluing of the tiles, they relied on the products and advice of codex.


The challenge

The first mission for codex was to lay a screed on the ground floor. To avoid cracks in the sand-cement screed, the codex Hydrostop was first laid in the entrance area. The waterproofing and decoupling membrane is used to seal the substrate and to relieve tension between the substrate and the tile. In this way, the processes in the screed are not transferred to the tiles. codex Hydrostop was applied with the quick adhesive codex RX 6 Turbo. The flexible thin-bed adhesive codex CX 3 was then used to lay the tiles.

A thicker adhesive bed was required for laying in the corridors of the hospital. For this reason, it was decided to use the lightweight adhesive codex Power Maxx. Prior to this, all absorbent surfaces were pre-coated with the protective dispersion primer FG 340.


Very low emission

All products used for this project are very low in emissions and have been awarded the EC 1 PLUS eco-label. Under the "EcoTec" label, codex also offers a completely low-emission product range, with compatible codex quality products. Uniprogarant System - 10 years guarantee.In addition, this project used the UZIN UTZ guarantee system, which provides a 10-year guarantee. This guarantee was provided in cooperation with TGLS! Knowing for sure that the tile floors could withstand the high loads was of great importance, not least for the customer.

Products used

FG 340

The low-emission protective primer codex FG 340 is universally suitable for all absorbent, mineral substrates and protects against moisture from the installation mortar.

Power RX 6 Turbo

The rapid setting, highly flexible thin- and flow-bed mortar codex Power RX 6 Turbo is suitable for the installation of wall and floor coverings.


codex Hydrostop is a water-impermeable, crack-bridging sealing and decoupling membrane under tile and natural stone coverings. Suitable for reliable sealing of substrates exposed to moisture.

Power CX 3

The flexible thin-bed mortar codex Power CX 3 is universally usable and suitable for all ceramic wall and floor coverings.
Thanks to its plastic coating, it meets the C2 TE S1 requirement of EN 12 004 and is suitable for mortar bed thicknesses up to 10 mm.
The codex Power CX 3 is also available in a white version for use with translucent ceramics.

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