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Flex-, thin- and flow-bed mortar

Power RX 6 Turbo

The rapid setting, highly flexible thin- and flow-bed mortar codex Power RX 6 Turbo is suitable for the installation of wall and floor coverings.

Data sheet

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  • for fast construction
  • for renovation of existing buildings
  • for fine and coarse ceramic tiles and slabs
  • for earthenware, stoneware, clinker
  • for stoneware in interior areas
  • for compound-suitable insulation and light building boards
  • on plasterboard
  • on tile carrier elements
  • on cement, lime cement and gypsum plaster
  • on concrete
  • on calcium sulphate and cementitious screeds
  • for underfloor heating
  • for interior and exterior use


  • time saving, ready for foot traffic and jointing after approx. 2.5 hours
  • optimal wetting
  • smooth consistency - very easy to process
  • excellent setting even at low temperatures
  • suitable up to 10 mm mortar bed thickness
  • suitable for levelling small areas
  • high bonding adhesion
  • meets the requirement C2 TE S2 according to EN 12004
  • adhesive strength ≥ 1,0 N/m m²
  • low chromate content according to EU-VO 1907/2006 (REACH)
  • Highest quality level 4 according to DGNB criterion ENV 1.2 Risks for the local environment
  • EMICODE EC1 PLUS / very low-emission
  • for healthy construction

Due to its fast setting speed, the codex Power RX 6 Turbo is particularly suitable for renovation or laying work with high time pressure.

Pack type

paper bag

Pack size

25 kg

Shelf life



dark grey

Minimum working temperature

+ 5 °C to + 25 °C

Ideal working temperatures

+ 10 °C to + 25 °C

Water quantity required

0.28 - 0.35 litres/ kg
7 - 8 litres/ 25 kg

Working Time/ Pot Life

approx. 45 minutes*

Working time

approx. 20 minutes*

Set to foot traffic

after approx. 2,5 hours*

Ready for jointing

after approx. 2,5 hours*


after approx. 48 hours*

Final strength

after approx. 28 days*


*At 23 °C and 50% rel. humidity.

Article Item no. Packsize Shipping unit
codex Power RX 6 Turbo / 25 kg 69106 25 kg
42 bags


Orange Campus Neu-Ulm

Wine testing laboratory in Osann-Monzel

Reiner de Graaf Hospital, NL

Palais du Rhin Cologne

Products and accessories

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