DS 3/5 Quartz sand

codex DS 3/5 is a quartz sand mixture with a particle size 3.15 to 5 mm. In combination with codex ER 100 primer, epoxy drainage mortars can be produced.

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    Fire-dried quartz sand for

    • drainage screeds
    • drainage mortars
    • system construction codex BalkuDrop
    • system construction codex BalkuDrain


    • Uniform particle size distribution within the screen line
    • Particle size between 3.15 to 5 mm
    • Fire-dried
    • High drainage effect

    The quartz sand is suitable for producing drainable screeds and mortars in conjunction with codex ER 100.

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    25 kg

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    codex DS 3/5 / 25 kg 41884 25 kg
    40 bags

    Products and accessories

    ER 100

    codex ER 100 is a two-component epoxy resin for priming and mixing epoxy resin mortars. Codex ER 100 is very easy to use, can be applied early and therefore is time-saving.

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