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Liquid Sealing

AX 10

The liquid sealing codex AX 10 is a ready-to-use, highly elastic composite waterproofing under ceramic coverings in interior areas. With different colour shades of the two layers to be applied, AX 10 offers the highest level of application safety.

Data sheet

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  • for load class A0 and A according to ZDB bulletin
  • for water impact classes W0-I, W1-I, W2-I (wall) according to 18534
  • for showers, baths and toilets
  • for residential and commercial use
  • for retirement homes and hotels
  • for rooms with household use
  • for interior use
  • on calcium sulphate and cementitious screeds, concrete
  • on heated substrates
  • on gypsum, lime cement and cement plaster
  • on gypsum plasterborads and gypsum fibreboard, tile carrier elements


  • optimum coverage, thus easily achieving the required total layer thickness
  • ready-to-use
  • can be rolled and levelled out
  • effortless application - best processing properties
  • rapid drying, therefore fast work progress
  • comfortable layer control due to different colours of the individual sealing layers
  • flexible and crack-bridging
  • waterproof
  • ideal coordination with codex sealing accessories
  • with general building approval test certificate
  • highest quality level 4 according to DGNB criterion ENV 1.2 Risks for the local environment.
  • EMICODE EC1 PLUS / very low-emission
  • for healthy construction

Ready-to-use and easy to apply, codex AX 10 dispersion liquid waterproofing is suitable for sealing interior areas with low to moderate water exposure.

Pack type

plastic bucket

Pack size

4 kg, 10 kg, 18 kg, 25 kg

Shelf life

24 months


green and grey

Minimum working temperature

+ 5 to + 25 °C

Ideal working temperatures

+ 15 to + 25 °C

Minimum dry coat thickness

0.5 mm

Drying time 1st coat

approx. 1 hour*

Drying time 2nd coat

approx. 1 - 2 hours*


approx. 1.3 kg/m²


*At 23 °C and 50 % relative humidity.

Article Item no. Packsize Shipping unit
codex AX 10 green/grey / 8 kg 77023 4 kg
90 buckets per colour
codex AX 10 green/grey / 20 kg 77024 10 kg
65 buckets per colour
codex AX 10 green/grey / 36 kg 77025 18 kg
30 buckets per colour
codex AX 10 green/grey / 50 kg 84752 25 kg
24 buckets per colour

Products and accessories

DB 120

The codex DB 120 sealing tape is a centrally rubberised polyester fabric for sealing corner, connection and movement joints when installing codex composite seals.

DB 140 Slim

The especially thin sealing tape codex DB 140 Slim is on both sides fleece-coated sealing tape for composite sealing in interior and exterior areas.

Sealing sleeve wall

The codex Sealing Sleeves Wall are for sealing pipe ducts and interstices in combination with codex composite seals.

Sealing tape

The codex sealing tape has a very high lateral elasticity and is suitable for sealing edge and movement joints. Due to the fleece on both sides, a secure embedding in the composite seal is guaranteed.