Doubly well protected - The brand new high performance joints from codex

codex X-Tensive und codex Resist New

With the introduction of the multi-resistant epoxy resin grout and adhesive mortar “codex X-Tensive” and the improved, resistant cementitious grout “codex Resist New”, the codex GmbH & Co. KG from Ulm is even launching two new products onto the market in May.  Both top products were developed by codex research specifically for focused use in industrial areas with high chemical and mechanical loads.

codex X-Tensive – Smooth epoxy resin grout for heavy loads

The new epoxy resin grout and adhesive mortar unites all characteristics that are currently asked on the market: high load-bearing capacity combined with easy and therefore power, time and cost saving processing.

Easy processing. „codex X-Tensive convinces with its creamy and smooth consistency, which allows easy grouting. On smooth, non-structured surfaces, the subsequent washing of the well emulsified jointing materials is easy. Therefore, the use of washing aid tools such as an Epo Pad is not mandatory. In addition, the strong odour known for epoxy products was significantly reduced in the X-Tensive. While the application of reaction resin mortars is often followed by a tough reputation, this product, as an epoxy industrial joint, dispels the existing prejudices.

Cured highly resistant to chemicals. Although it is easy to work with, the highly resilient epoxy resin mortar is extremely resistant to a large number of highly aggressive chemicals, oils and water, but also to mechanical stress when cured. The combination of raw material selection and the newly developed formula creates a waterproof, finely closed and stable joint surface with high wear resistance. This enables the codex X-Tensive to be used in demanding areas such as the chemical industry, food industry, laboratories, battery rooms, commercial kitchens, slaughterhouses, thermal baths, sewage treatment plants or washing halls as a new, durable and easy-to-use product solution. 

Problem-free use on the wall. While other epoxy adhesives often still have a problem with the tile slippage on the wall, codex promises appropriate stability when using the X-Tensive (certified and marked R2T). The good joint standing, when installing wall or floor surfaces, also allows for a full joint filling.  codex X-Tensive can be used indoors and outdoors for joint widths of 2 to 12 millimetres.

The X-Tensive is available in a 5kg plastic combination pack - The optimal processing size for the mostly large, industrial areas. The colour palette focuses in the three most frequently used shades in this segment: platinum, concrete and anthracite. 

codex Resist New – Highly resistant to mechanical stress

Efficient features. With the highly resilient codex Resist New, the codex research has succeeded in further developing an already established cement grout in terms of resistance and processing properties. Its new formula is convincing due to its significantly higher strength with a nevertheless fine joint surface. Thus the cement-based grout mortar codex Resist New even meets the minimum requirements for a reaction resin grout in terms of abrasion and compressive strength.  In addition, the processing properties have also been sustainably improved. The grouting of the fine-grained grout is effortless and the subsequent washing is easy to do by hand. Due to its rapid hardening even at low temperatures, this cement grout quickly achieves high resistance: it can be walked on after just 3 hours and is loadable after 16 hours (full mechanical load-bearing capacity after 7 days).

Universal range of application. The main areas of application for the cement grout are the interior and exterior areas of industry, trade and private households with high mechanical loads (for example, the use of a high-pressure or steam jet cleaner, which codex Resist New withstands without loss). These include, among others, wash halls, tunnels, stations, workshops, balconies, terraces, shower- and wellness areas, as well as facades and coverings with frost and de-icing salt exposure. 

With a fully saturated and closed joint surface, the grout is suitable for joint widths from 2 to 15 millimetres and it is available in the colours cement grey, concrete and anthracite. After rapid curing, a fine and closed joint surface is generated which satisfies even the most modern optical requirements. 


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