Codex X-Tensive - Product of the year 2020

First place at Fliesen + Platten Reader´s Choice

| Since 23 February, the winners of this year's Fliesen + Platten readers' choice for the “Product of the Year 2020” have been announced. The winners from five categories were presented at the digital Fliesen + Platten Forum 2021. Codex sent its new 2-component epoxy high-performance joint codex X-Tensive into the competition and convinced the readers, who voted the product to first place in the category “Construction Chemicals and Substrates”.

Codex epoxy mortar on the road to success

Based on the latest technologies and research results, codex has succeeded in creating another product revolution in the field of epoxy resin mortars: the high-performance grouting and bonding mortar codex X-Tensive. Codex X-Tensive offers the highest resistance with unique processing comfort. Improved washing properties and the highest chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance make it an innovative high-performance grout for extremely stressed areas.

The epoxy grouting and bonding mortar codex X-Tensive combines two key properties that are essential for handling epoxy resin mortars. The high load-bearing capacity in the cured condition with effortless application thanks to its creamy and smooth consistency. Even the dreaded washing process is made much easier for the installer here. Thanks to the good emulsifying properties of the material, the washing of non-structured surfaces with cold water is effortless. The choice of raw materials and the newly developed formulation create a waterproof, finely closed and stable joint surface with high wear resistance. This means that codex X-Tensive is mainly suitable for the use in particularly demanding areas such as the chemical industry, food industry, laboratories, battery rooms, commercial kitchens, slaughterhouses, thermal baths, sewage treatment plants or in washing halls.

With codex X-Tensive, the design epoxy mortar codex X-Fusion, which was introduced in 2017 and also won an award, has been consistently further developed. It now has the highest resistance with the simplest processing, which was a decisive point in the assessment for Product of the Year.

The award ceremony

In line with the current situation, the announcement of the winners took place within the digital format of the Fliesen & Platten Forum 2021. Via live streaming on the second day of the event, codex Managing Director Mario Meuler and his team received the victory news directly at the codex factory. The certificates will be officially handed over at the second part of the Fliesen & Platten Forum on 10 June in Cologne.

For the Fliesen & Platten readers' choice, the specialist magazine calls on its subscribers every year to vote for their favourite product from various categories. Only F&P subscribers of tile specialist companies and thus persons who also work with the submitted products may take part in the voting. In this way, a high-quality result of the election is achieved. The election was held until 01 February by questionnaire and online voting.


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