Joint colour range from 2019

More variety, more possibilities. Whether natural stone or tile, elegant or natural - the expansion of the colour spectrum allows the finest colour matching and creates a visually uniform surface in residential and highly stressed areas.

The new colours concrete, graphite, sahara, jura beige and mocca add subtle shades of colour to the range of joints in grey and brown tones. In total, the codex joint range now consists of 29 modern colours.

The five new colours are available as cementitious joint and epoxy joint.

In addition to the new colours, the colour selection for 3-K codex X-Fusion design epoxy mortar has been expanded to include "Grey", so that 19 colour settings are now available. As an almost universal cementitious joint for walls and floors, codex Brilliant Cristal now comes in a total of 18 colours, a range that has been expanded by seven colours. To complete the range, the colour-coordinated silicones are of course also available. Thus, the sanitary silicone codex SG 10 is also available in all colour settings. The natural stone silicone codex SG 20 is now available in a range expanded by 10 colours, with a total of 17 colours.

This means that all coverings, whether natural stone or tiles, whether in rustic wood or purist concrete and stone looks, can now be grouted with codex grouts and thus contribute to a perfect covering with uniform optical brilliance.

In the course of adjustments to the codex joint assortment, the colour tone dark grey is being painted and will no longer be available in the future.



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