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Polish Food Business

10,000 square metres of ceramic tiling in a Polish food business grouted with Epo Tix from Codex - Robust and easy-to-clean

  • Building Type: Commercial Construction
  • Pad: Natural Stone
  • Brand: Codex
  • Country: International

Agro Rydzyna, a company in the meat processing industry in Poland, is an example of building projects which must withstand the very high demands with regard to constructional, chemical and sanitary work processes.

In a meat factory, the surfaces are checked against various, very stringent assessment criteria – amongst other, with regard to ease of cleaning and resistance to chemical cleaning agents. In such projects, heavy machinery is also installed that brings with it a heavy mechanical loading on the floor. In addition, the ceramic tiling must ensure not only an excellent resistance to chemical attack and mechanical forces, but must also have no effect on the meat being processed there.

In the case in question, a short completion deadline was an extra problem that had to be taken into account with the choice of technology.

First, the condition of the substrate in the usable area was checked. The substrate had to be sound, flat, dry, free from cracks, clean and free from materials that could impair adhesion.

The surface was treated with the ready-to-use, universal dispersion primer Codex Fliesengrund. Once this was dry, the plasticised thin-bed mortar Codex Power Plus was used to install the ceramic tiling. The chosen adhesive has sufficient flexibility, is designed to take the mechanical loading in the project and is resistant to pressure-washing as well as high temperature variations. When mixed with water it produces as a fine-grain, smooth and low-slump mortar with excellent application properties.

Grouting – the most difficult task
Around 24 hours after the tiling installation, the most difficult job could begin: the grouting of the tiles with Codex Epo Tix, a pigmented, solvent-free epoxy-resin grout for ceramic wall- and floor- tiles. It is used to give a chemical resistant and water impermeable grout in large and small format ceramic tiles and mosaics, as well as glass tiles and mosaics on interior and exterior walls and floors. This product offers crack- and shrink- free drying, rapid setting as well as high resistance to ageing. It produces uniform, decorative joints with good light-fastness.

Codex Epo Tix is recommended where particular value is placed on extremely high resistance to aggressive chemical substances, fuels, oils, etc. Characteristic of this product are its unusual advantages: for example, the possibility to clean grouting with cold water where the emission of damaging steam from the usual hot steam-cleaning is restricted. Another advantage is the material delivery by injection with a special injector-gun that gives a consumption of 500 g per square metre. Any contamination with the grout material is immediately removed without a problem using lukewarm water with the addition of a little Codex Epo Wash. The use of the cleaning additive gives a sealed, smooth finish to the grout surface.

After approximately 12 hours, it was checked if the surface of the tiling has any residue of the grout compound or if any smearing remains. Then, if re-cleaning was required, this was carried out with the Codex Epo Clean cleaner. Codex Epo Clean is an effective agent for removing smearing from dried resin. The cleaning result is most effective within 24 to 48 hours after grouting.
The Agro site was, from the start, attended by an Codex technician who gave the product briefing and gave the installers practical tips. Afrer completion of the work, Codex gave a corresponding guarantee for the products supplied.