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New Douglas Store in Düsseldorf

A sophisticated design project and a tight time frame were the parameters for a luxury shop at top city location

  • Building Type: Commercial Construction
  • Pad: Natural Stone
  • Brand: Codex
  • City: 80000
  • Country: International

A sophisticated design project and a tight time frame were the parameters for the conversion of the Douglas Store at the Düsseldorf Königsallee into a luxury shop at top city location. The interior concept for the high-end store envisioned a spatial division into rooms with different topics and highlights. Optically, this effect is created through ceiling sections with light haunches and multi-coloured floor sections. The floor covering from water-blasted ceramic tiles corresponds here with the ceiling lines. A team of specialist from codex offered the right solutions for the successful installation and time-saving flooring construction.


Classy crystal chandeliers, high-gloss surfaces, a fragrance bar and the first independent Chanel boutique: The redesigned Douglas Store at Düsseldorf's exclusive shopping avenue exhibits luxurious topical groupings on an area of 600 m2. This is the third store after Dortmund and Berlin where the new high-end concept was implemented. The architects Schwitzke & Partner, commissioned with the new design concept of the Douglas branch locations, designed three location-focused concepts – Luxury, Trend and Classic – addressing different target groups. Thus, the Trend Store with its dynamic, modern design language addresses a style-conscious young audience and the Luxury Concept is geared more to the sophisticated well-funded customers. Clear design parameters were specified for each, and the floor always represented a key element of the interior concept. "With our flooring know-how we have already implemented all three concepts at different locations under varying conditions", explained Joachim Fülle, manager of codex application engineering at Uzin Utz AG. This includes fact-finding and consulting in all technical details, planning of the various flooring tasks and on to the implementation in cooperation with the executing trade contractors.

Multi-coloured floor sections from dust pressed vitrified tiles designate topical areas

The Douglas Store in Düsseldorf is divided into different areas and individual topical sections, distinguished by colours and design, including floor, wall and ceiling. "This lends flair to the area and the depth can also be optimally utilised", explained Markus Odendall from the perfumery Douglas GmbH. Dark marbled tiles, leading from the outside area to the inside of the shop, act as an optical bridge. They set contrasts in the form of wide edge strips and highlight the brightly lit display cases at the same time. Black varnished oval bars on changing carpet islands create additional accents on the light-coloured tiles of the interior areas. The floor sections, offset light and dark, always correspond to the lines of the light bands of the suspended ceiling elements. The separate brand groupings of Chanel and Dior are accommodated in rounded niches, varnished in black, on fine dark tiles. In the rear area of the shop the care products are presented entirely in soft white and beige tones.

Time-saving, functional and load-bearing flooring with codex

Only a few months were allotted to the conversion of the 600 m2 area at the elegant Düsseldorf store. Therefore, everything had to be carried out fast and smoothly with the flooring work. "Exact detailed planning of the different flooring work activities was a prerequisite for optimal floor results with this project", commented Joachim Fülle from codex on the procedures. The project was started at the rear area of the store. Complete renovation of the exposed cementitious screed down to the rough concrete was necessary. The floor construction was built on an insulating layer using the premixed fast screed mortar Uzin NC 192 to the level of the existing floor covering. In the front area the top cover was renovated down to the load distribution layer followed by the application of codex Fliesengrund primer on the cleaned substrate. The crack bridge Uzin RR 203 and the rapid adhesive codex Power Flex Turbo offered the best solution for repairing the cracks. After one hour drying time a second coat of codex Fliesengrund primer was applied and levelling work was started already after another two to three hours. The fibreglass reinforcement Uzin RR 201 was first laid down loosely as full sheets onto the prepared subfloor with an overlap of 2 cm. The codex levelling compound FM 50 Turbo with a min. thickness of 5 mm provided the desired area levelling to the existing floor covering level. This allowed reliably preparing the substrates with mixed patches in this area.

Craftsmen skills and speed were required

The existing floor covering was supposed to be left intact in the central shop area after old care agent layers and soiling were removed with the intensive cleaner codex RZ 110. The carbon primer codex PE 370 with a drying time of only 20 to 30 minutes was used to prime the old tile covering. Furthermore, the tile fitters had to rework the cracks here as well and properly repair imperfections after edges had been straightened before they created a load-bearing, level and uniform substrate using primer, glass fibre reinforcement and levelling compound. "Experience and speed were critical with this project", said Marcel Hinz from Fliesen Schulz Gmbh, Hagen, about the flooring work performed. His knowledge was also in demand regarding the installation of the ceramic tiles into floor sections. Water-blasted elements, roundings and edge friezes as well as movement joints, connection and section limiting joints required extensive craftsmen skills. "The floor concept with multi-coloured tiles significantly contributes to the interior ambiance", says Marcel Hinz, delighting in the successful result.